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What is

ServeMeHere is the first Free Online Professional Appointment Matching Community

On professionals can post their company information, services provided and daily appointments schedule online. New clients can view these services and make appointment requests directly with the professionals. Already existing clients can also benefit from the service by booking appointments directly using the online calendar.

As a professional, when your service is listed on ServeMeHere, clients can:

  1. Browse your professional profile, services offered and schedule
  2. Make appointment request online 24/7
  3. Choose the location of services ( at home, office, professional’s office, or other  location)
  4. Rate professional by providing feedback on the site.

Best of all, there’s nothing to install and nothing to pay…its FREE!

How does it work?

Very simple, here’s how.
Say you are looking for a private chef on a Friday evening for a home cooked meal for that special someone, or maybe you need a massage after a long day at work and you need the service at your office during break time. Easy, go to choose the specific service you need from the many listings available in the services section, type the zip code where you want the service performed, choose an appointment date and time and submit to make your appointment request online.
The professional service provider will contact you by phone or email to confirm your appointment, the date and time of your service and the location where you want the service performed i.e. at home, office, etc.
Need to contact the professional service provider?  Simply use the internal message center for any specific questions or requests you may have prior to your appointment date.

How do I cancel or change an appointment?
First review the cancellation policy for each professional.

To cancel an appointment, contact the professional directly on the listed contact number, by email or by using the internal message center to cancel your appointment.

Professionals can leave feedback on clients who fail to keep an appointment or who fail to cancel an appointment prior to the scheduled appointment date
ServeMeHere reserves the right to close any account for individuals who act unethically or display a lack of respect when scheduling an appointment (i.e. appointment no shows, no cancellation, false appointment etc)

Is ServeMeHere free? is 100% free for clients looking for services and for professionals advertising their services.

Professionals, also have access to our premium online scheduling feature which allows current and potential clients to make appointment requests. For more on all the benefits of listing your service as a professional on, visit the registration page.

What kinds of services are offered? offers a broad range of services under four main categories:

  1. Do it For Me
  2. Take Care of Me
  3. Teach Me
  4. Be With Me

What is your Premium Advertising Professional Account?

As a Premium Service Member you receive access to a team of both marketing and Seo professionals at a fraction of the cost of deploying them for your business yourself. Our team can provide both strategy, set-up and Seo page optimization so your listing reaches the new clients your business needs. In accessing our Premium Service you will receive several standout benefits for only $9.95 month to month cancellable any time:
  1. Priority Listing Space in our Search Results
  2. Premium Ad Space on our Site
  3. First Access To Leads From Our 1-800 Service Request Line
  4. Google Adwords Advertising
  5. Advanced Social Network Marketing via Twitter and Facebook
  6. Organic Google Search Traffic
  7. Appointment Alert Notification System
  8. Full Set-Up Assistance and Optimization

You can also suggest categories and subcategories.

How do I know a professional is available on a specific day and time?
Each professional’s online calendar is updated daily throughout the year. When you choose the desired date when you want the service performed, the available time slots for appointment requests are displayed for you to choose a suitable time for the appointment.

In addition, the professional will confirm your appointment request prior to the appointment date. You will receive your appointment confirmation on your cell phone and also by email.


Can I choose my location for the service?
Yes, when you set up an appointment you can select a desired location where you want the service performed. Services can be performed at your home, office or at the professional’s office. You can also request the services to be performed at other specific locations prior to making an appointment.

A professional may also suggest a different location for the service prior to accepting the appointment.

What kind of information is available about professionals?
Information available on professionals includes details about their business, experience, license(s), website, testimonials, services, feedback/rating from clients and much more.

W encourage professionals to add complete profiles including services, business logo and pictures. A complete profile enables clients to have a better ability for comparison shopping and selection of service.

Do you guarantee the quality of service?
ServeMeHere does not guarantee the quality of work performed by professionals listed on, nor do we assume liability for referrals or for any work or services that professionals perform  at your home, office, or any chosen location.

 In addition, we are not liable for property damage or claims made by professionals listed on For additional information please refer to our Terms of Service on the Registration page.

Do I need to pay a professional on the site in advance?
No, you are not required to make a payment when you set up an appointment. Payment will be made directly to the professional at the time of service.
Please review the payment method accepted by the professional.

Do some professionals offer free consultation?
Yes, some professionals offer a free initial consultation and price quotation.

How do you I add myself as a professional?
To be added as a professional, go to, select the ‘Register as a Professional’ tab and complete the form. Update your profile with your business details and start getting leads and appointment requests from potential clients.

We will review your profile and contact you if additional information is required to approve your membership.
When you register as a professional, please ensure that you add your service. Adding a service ensures that your business will be displayed in the available service listings when a potential client runs a search on the site. To add a service, login in your profile page, then go to Company Services and click on ADD a Service. If you do not add your service and just fill up the Personal Profile page your service will not be listed in a search.
Please refer to the subscription set up list when you login.

Can a professional make an appointment with other professionals listed on the site?
Yes. However if you are already registered as a professional, you will need to register as a client with a separate email address in order to be able to make appointment with other professionals.

Do I need to have a website?
No. Even if you do not have a website, your online schedule will be available on You only need to register as a professional.

If you do have a website, you can very easily integrate our online appointment scheduling system with your website .To do this, login to your account, go to Account Detail and copy the Promotion Code there. Using this code, you can create a “Make an Appointment” banner on your website that will redirect clients to your profile and online calendar on This way your clients can use the online scheduler feature to make appointments online.

Also under Account Detail you can edit your Appointment URL which will link directly to your appointments page.

How can a professional update the online appointment schedule on the website?
When you register your service on you will be able to update your online appointment schedule on weekly intervals. You can update the online appointment scheduler with the days and hours when you are available for appointment requests.  
 For instance, if your business hours are from 9 to 5 pm on Monday to Friday, you can have these days and hours listed as your available days. If you are closed from 12 to 1 for Lunch every day, you can also set your schedule to display this information.
Appointment schedules are updated daily on If you have an appointment(s) made outside the website please update those onto your online calendar on to avoid double booking appointments on the same dates.

Steps to update the online appointment schedule:

  1. Go to the Business Hours section
  2. At the bottom, update your daily schedule by selecting each day of the week
  3. Add time off or holidays when you are not available for appointment requests.

For example if a client booked an appointment on July 13th 2008 from 2:30 to 3:30, you have the ability to close that schedule on your calendar so that no new appointment requests will be made at that time or day.

How secure is my data?
All sensitive data is encrypted and stored in highly secure databases protected by firewall technologies.

What geographical areas does the ServeMeHere service network cover?
We currently cover the entire USA, and appointments can be made 24/7

Please use our CONTACT US section for any suggestions or comments

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